Friday 9/19 Football Game Minimize

The McNeil High School Band will be performing their contest show BEFORE the game vs. Cedar Ridge this Friday.  The list of materials that students should bring is as follows:

  • All parts to the summer uniform
  • Water jugs
  • Flip  folders
  • Instument

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

  • 410-Classes dismiss
  • 500-Inspection for all sections in band hall
  • 530-Depart for Killeen (game day meals served on buses)
  • 545-Arrive at stadium 
  • 630ish-Perform show
  • 700-Kick off
  • 11PMish-Arrive at McNeil

*Parents please make arrangements for your child to be picked-up shortly after their arrival at McNeil


Band photos will be taken on Sept. 3 and 4

On Wednesday, September 3 and Thursday, September 4 we will be taking individual photos of the band students in their formal marching band uniform.  Pricing and photo package information was sent home with the students on Thursday, August 28.  Additional forms will be available on the day of the photos.  The purchase of photos is optional but everyone will be taking a photo since one of the photos available is a section photo.   

Parent Volunteer Schedule For Concessions

This year to help fill volunteer spots for our concession stands we are organizing when each "band" section of parents will help out.  If it's a home game then you will be volunteering for the Varsity home game.  Each section is scheduled for a home and an away game.
If it's an away game week then you will be helping with the JV or Freshman game.  As soon as you see the schedule please fill out the volunteer calendar on our Charms database.  
The sign up sheets are available there.  

Week 1 -  Home -  Flutes and Percussion section parents (minus pit crew parents)

Week 2 - Away - Clarinets and Mellophone parents

Week 3 - Away - Saxes and Baritones

Week 4 - Home - Trumpets and Trombones

Week 5 - Home - Tubas and Colorguard

Week 6 - Away - Flutes and Percussion section (minus pit crew)

Week 7 - Away - Trumpets and Trombones

Week 8 - Home - Clarinets and Mellophones

Week 9 - Away - Tubas and Colorguard

Week 10 - Home - Saxes and Baritones

Summer Band Uniform for First Three or Four Games

The Mav Band has a summer uniform that we wear for our first few games.  This consists of the green logo shirts and black marching shoes you purchased on Everything Day along with three things you provide.  Those are black slacks, black socks and a black belt.  The slacks should be plain, flat front black pants with belt loops.  No cargo pockets.  Black jeans or pants that would fade are also not good.  The boys can wear these slacks as their concert uniform pants if they are nice enough to be worn with a tux coat.  

All students will also need flip folders to hold their music for the games.  Our first game is Friday, September 29 and all of this will be needed by then.  

2014-15 Mav Band Instructional Leaders

Here is the list of the 2014-15 Mav Band instructional leaders.  It is always a tough decision to choose our section leaders and a decision that includes many different factors.  The audition for section leader begins when you walk in the door of the band hall your freshman year.  We take into account your playing skills, your leadership potential, your ability to work with the band and the directors, your communication skills, your marching skills, your potential as a teacher and your effectiveness as a role model.  Each section leader will have strengths and things they need to work on but have a strong overall score.  Congratulations to all!

Band Managers Announced

This is the list of the 2014-15 Mav Band Managers.  We only need 3 librarians per band and 2 to 3 uniform managers per band.  Priority was given to those people who had previous experience in these positions.  There are still positions available for members of the concert band.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Section leaders will be posted tomorrow.  

The staff meetings for this week are as follows:  Monday, 6/2, 1:00 - 2:30 Uniform Managers; Monday, 6/2, 2:30 - 4:00 Instrument Staff and Tuesday, 6/3, 1:00 - 4:00 Music Librarians. 


Maverick Bands>>Auditions and Results

All Four Bands Receive Sweepstakes at Concert/Sightreading Contest

All four of our concert bands received Superior Ratings in both their Concert and Sightreading performances.  This is only the second year we have taken four bands to contest and the first time all four have received the Sweepstakes honor.  We were the only band program in our region to receive sweepstakes with four bands.  Congratulations to all members of the Maverick Band!

Update Your "Charms" Database Info 

We need everyone, especially our new members, to update their information in our database. Our only way of communication is through your personal emails. If those our not kept current then you won't receive our newsletters or our reminder emails of upcoming events. We would also like all of our parents to fill in the fields asking about your occupation. We would like to be able to utilize the special skills of our parents and this helps us to identify those skills. If you are unsure of how to update your "Charms" info check out the last post at the bottom of this column. 


1, 2,'s that easy!  Members & Families, this is how you do it:

  1. Click on the "Enter Charms Area" button, in the menu bar to the right on the website
  2. Enter your RRISD six digit ID in the student password box
  3. Click on the "Personal Info" button.  This will bring you to your profile page.  Please update ALL information -- even your shirt size!  Double-check all email addresses and phone numbers.  Enter your phone numbers in the format 512-XXX-XXXX for our audition entry purposes. 

Keeping your Charms profile updated with your correct contact information is the only way to ensure you receive all the latest McNeil Band news.  If you can't enter the area, then please email one of the band directors with your correct ID number and they can fix the problem.

Don't forget to check the Band/Guard Website and Charms calendar OFTEN for current information and updates!

Class Schedule Minimize



A Day 

 Period B Day
9:05-10:36 1  Wind Ensemble/
Colorguard (rifles)
 Instrumental Ensemble (WE)/
Colorguard (flags)
10:41-12:15 2 Symphonic Band 6 Instrumental Ensemble 
(Symphonic Band)
12:20-2:29 3 Lunch/Conference/
Middle Schools
7 Lunch/Conference/
Middle Schools
2:34-4:05  4

 Concert Bands 1 & 2/Pit


 Instrumental Ensemble 
(Concert Band)/Pit


Annual Fund Sponsors
Band Wish List - Seeking Donations
If you have any of these items and want to make a donation to the Band or the Boosters, please contact the Booster President.
Pappa John Fundraiser Minimize

The Papa John fundraiser is ready to go! This is an amazing win/win opportunity for everyone in our community and our band. The card sells for $15 and entitles the card holder to one large pizza for every large pizza purchased for carryout from now until October 31, 2015. For every card sold, The Maverick Band receives $10! A part of the proceeds will be going to help offset trip costs.

Below is a link to the permission form that must be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to the band hall before the first batch of cards will be delivered to your student.

Permission Form Link

If you have any questions, please contact Cheryl Quillman at

HEB Cards Minimize

Buy HEB Cards and Support the McNeil Band


 Did you know that if you purchase gasoline at HEB using an HEB gift card, you SAVE  11 cents per gallon?

 Now is the perfect time to support the McNeil Band and Color Guard by buying HEB Cards from the Boosters.   Remember, 5% of all sales goes directly to the Boosters.   For your convenience, there are several ways to get your cards:

  • (1)    Call your neighborhood representative to arrange pick-up of your cards.  Your neighborhood rep information is available on the McNeil Band website
  • (2)    Cards will be sold at all of the football games, booster meetings AND during pick-up after evening band practice on Mondays.
  • (3)    Order online and an HEB Card Representative will deliver the cards to you.

 So get your cards now while this deal is offered! One of our HEB Card Sales Neighborhood Reps will make sure you get what you need.

 We can accept cash or checks (made payable to “McNeil Band Boosters”, please include your driver’s license and telephone numbers).  If you have any questions, please contact our HEB Cards Sales Coordinator at 

 Thank you for supporting the Band/Guard through your purchases of HEB Cards! 

Contact Your Local HEB Rep

Online Order Form

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